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Neuroscience for Counselors and Therapists

What it is: this book is written for counselor, counselor-in-training, and counselor educators seeking to infuse neuroscience into their work. It provides an overview of the issues surrounding the integration of neuroscience with counseling as well as a consumer’s guide to the brain and central neuroscience. In addition, it offers an integration of counseling theory with neuroscience. Perhaps even more practically, it provides a neuro-informed understanding of four clinical disorders (depression, anxiety, stress and trauma, and substance addition). For 2020, the second edition thoroughly updates the research and applications of the material.

Why I wrote it: It may not be the final frontier, but the brain is certainly the most recent one. It has generated a lot of interest in both the scientific community and across popular culture. Counselors and their clients are highly interested and there are a lot of options for getting information. However, as we know, not all information is created equally. Some of the information out there is so scientifically dense that it is not really accessible to many of us; it is accurate, but not accessible. On the other hand, in an attempt to use this new frontier to change the world – and ourselves –  some claims are…dubious; the information is accessible, but not so accurate. I write this book as a bridge between accuracy and accessibility. As I write in the Preface, I am not a neuroscientist, and that’s ok because I don’t think a neuroscientist could or would have written this book. More broadly, I wanted to write the book to open a door to hope for those of us who has long struggled with a mental health-type challenge, and need a new perspective on our struggles.